Passion Foods will focus on premium, sustainable products for retail and foodservice.

NETUNO & LP Foods Team at SENA 2022, Boston

May 19th, 2022 (Fort Lauderdale, FL) – NETUNO USA, the largest importer of Snapper and Grouper in the United States, recently purchased a 50 percent stake in the Singapore-based Passion Foods brand to introduce it to the US market. NETUNO and longtime supplier LP Foods join forces to offer premium value-added seafood products focused on quality, sustainability, and all-natural ingredients.

NETUNO President and Passion Foods co-owner Luciano Bonaldo position the brand as a kitchen solution for foodservice. “As kitchens struggle sourcing labor, we offer a unique solution. Most of our products can be cooked from frozen in very little time while delivering a consistent experience to customers,” he says. “For high-volume orders, we can customize our products, tweak recipes or create something exclusively for a customer.”

LP Foods President and Passion Foods co-owner Emanuele Petz envision the Passion Foods brand with the potential to be a household name with its retail offerings. “Our products contain sustainable seafood, all-natural ingredients, and require very little culinary expertise. Our chefs innovate so that consumers don’t have to.” With consumer trends consistently showing increasing demand for home-cooked meals, Passion Foods is poised to capture some of that market.

Both Petz and Bonaldo agree that the most powerful value proposition the Passion Foods brand offers is its customizability. “We can customize (any aspect of our products), whether it’s private label for retailers or a signature sauce for a restaurant chain, we can do it,” Bonaldo says. “All while using the best possible ingredients. No shortcuts!” adds Petz.

More details to follow as NETUNO and LP Foods work together to relaunch the brand to its new target audience. Meanwhile, you can find Passion Foods at booth #9812 at the upcoming National Restaurant Association show in Chicago from May 21st – 24th.

Since 1993 NETUNO has devoted itself to producing the highest quality frozen seafood in the market while maintaining a solid commitment to sourcing from sustainable fisheries and using commercially responsible practices by monitoring fish stock, reducing by-catch, and minimizing waste and energy. When you buy NETUNO brand seafood, be assured that you serve the highest quality seafood. Learn more at

About LP Foods
LP Foods was established in Singapore in 2005 and has roots in an Italian family of pioneer seafood entrepreneurs. They have offices and processing facilities in Vietnam and Jakarta and have a solid reputation for Responsible Sourcing and Food Safety. They actively export Private Label products for some of the most reputed brands in the US, Japan, and the UK, exemplifying stability, quality products, honesty, and ethical behavior.