Acquisition consistent with NETUNO’s vision of better treatment of the ocean, its fishermen, and increasing supply of responsibly sourced Snapper. 

Ft. Lauderdale, FL (April 28, 2020) – NETUNO is proud to announce the acquisition of its first five Snapper fishing boats in Northern Brazil. Compared to traditional fishing boats, these small fiberglass vessels are more fuel efficient, faster, and easier to maneuver during trap collections. Maneuverability is key to collect traps at the proper angle with minimal interaction with the seafloor to prevent damage to the ecosystem. 

Investing in their own fleet is an integral part NETUNO’s overall vision of growth and sustainability. Their goal is to source half of all Caribbean Red Snapper imports from their own fleet by 2025, which was about 5 million pounds in 2019. “We are always looking for ways to be more efficient while remaining responsible in our practices,” says President Luciano Bonaldo. “Our own fleet enables us to ensure sustainable practices directly for the products we source. It also helps us better understand the challenges fishermen face to increase supply without compromising quality or sustainability standards.” By understanding these challenges, NETUNO seeks to find solutions that will increase production, improve the treatment of the ocean, and help advance the quality of life in its partner communities. 

For NETUNO, sustainability is a driving force in every business decision made. Today nearly half of all products offered are certified-sustainable or part of a Fishery Improvement Program (FIP). They helped launch several FIPs globally and are continuously involved in sustainability roundtables with a goal of 90% of all products certified sustainable or in a FIP by 2025. Focused on reducing plastic waste in the ocean, last month NETUNO switched the packaging on their Grouper fillets from individually vacuum packed (IVP) to twin-vacuum packed. This will save about 3 million bags per year, a number that will increase once NETUNO expands this practice to its entire line. “We believe that the future is a collective effort between fishermen and companies like NETUNO that want to be part of the solution. Together we can make a difference.”

Since 1993 NETUNO has devoted itself to producing the highest quality frozen seafood in the market, while maintaining a strong commitment to sourcing from sustainable fisheries and using commercially responsible practices by monitoring fish stock, reducing by-catch and minimizing waste and energy. When you buy NETUNO brand seafood, be assured that you are serving the highest quality seafood.