NETUNO enters the frozen meals industry with award-winning line of sustainable gourmet shrimp creations

NETUNO enters the frozen meals industry with award-winning line of sustainable gourmet shrimp creations

Sauté ‘n Serve offers ASC Certified sustainable shrimp in an all-natural handmade sauce that cooks from frozen in under 10 minutes.

Ft. Lauderdale, FL (March 2, 2020) – NETUNO USA, the leading supplier of high-quality premium seafood items in the US market, launches an exclusive new brand of gourmet shrimp meals for the retail arena. Sauté ‘n Serve, crafted by American and European Chefs, is handmade in a state-of-the-art Vietnamese facility under the strictest food safety requirements. 

President Luciano Bonaldo: “We wanted to offer consumers a gourmet assortment of global flavors made from a vast array of ingredients. It is a long-term move for our company, with restaurant quality once again at the heart of our product development, this time for the home chef.” It’s already grabbing the attention of industry leaders, winning the National Restaurant Association’s Food & Beverage Innovations (FABI) Award in 2019 and announced as a finalist for best new product in the 2020 Seafood Expo New Product Showcase earliest this month.

NETUNO developed these innovative products using only ASC certified sustainable shrimp and all-natural ingredients with no preservatives and no GMOs. Three unique flavors offer a sample of global tastes from Etouffee, Scampi, and Thai Coconut Curry. More flavors and protein options are in development and estimated to launch later this year. 

With four ounces of shrimp in every 10 oz. meal and a cooking time of under 10 minutes, Sauté ‘n Serve is the perfect solution for those looking to prepare a quick and healthy meal at home. Just simmer sauce side down in any pan, flip the shrimp so it’s cooked through in that sauce, and serve with your choice of side. All flavors pair well with your choice of rice, pasta, or a baguette. For low-carb options, we recommend zucchini noodles, cauliflower rice, or assorted vegetables. Any home chef can put together a delicious gourmet shrimp meal in minutes! 

Sauté ‘n Serve for foodservice is also available and offered in 5 different flavors, with the possibility to develop custom flavor solutions for any business.

Since 1993 NETUNO has devoted itself to producing the highest quality frozen seafood in the market, while maintaining a strong commitment to sourcing from sustainable fisheries and using commercially responsible practices by monitoring fish stock, reducing by-catch and minimizing waste and energy. When you buy NETUNO brand seafood, be assured that you are serving the highest quality seafood.