The move is the first step towards reducing plastic waste for the company

Fort Lauderdale (September 10th, 2021) – NETUNO USA, US lead importer of Snapper and Grouper, has partnered with Biorgani, a company specializing in plant-based sustainable packaging solutions, to develop a compostable plastic bag for IVP.

The company is piloting a bio-resin blend made from renewable resources with one of their suppliers of lobster. They are testing to answer several questions, but mainly whether the blend will perform the same as conventional plastic even at freezing temperatures. The next phase of testing will include vacuum seal performance measurements.

“We know that plastic waste is a huge problem, especially for our marine environment. Our goal is to develop a bag that will allow us to maintain the integrity of an IVP seal and the quality of our products, but also has a faster degradation period, lower carbon footprint and alleviates our impact to landfills and oceans,” Amanda Antonio, Sales & Marketing Director for NETUNO, on why NETUNO is investing in researching bioplastics.

Biorgani has done extensive research on how quickly bio-resin blends degrade in our natural environment. The greater the blend, the quicker it degrades and the lower carbon footprint. NETUNO plans to start testing with the minimal 80/20 blend (conventional/bio) and the hope is to increase the amount of bio-resin in the plastic so long as it can withstand the vacuum seal and freezing temperatures. “We are thrilled to partner up with a leading company like NETUNO to solve some of the many challenges the packaging industry is facing. Both companies and teams are well aligned in sustainable packaging practices and what ‘end of life’ packaging solutions should look like. We are designing sustainable solutions and are excited to begin testing,” says Gabriel Salazar, Biorgani’s CEO & Founder.

“We’d love to reach a point where all of our plastic bags are 100% bio-based and compostable, but we also want to continue to offer a quality product with a shelf life of 24 months. Right now, we are testing to find the right balance that will allow for us to do both,” concludes Andre Brugger, Sustainability & Compliance Manager for NETUNO.


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About Biorgani

Biorgani North America was founded in 2017 by bio-resin technology experts and visionary investors who came together to formulate, test and bring to market quality, eco-friendly, internationally certified, and competitively priced biopolymers to help companies migrate from conventional plastics dependency to plant-based resins.