A much-needed holiday season is upon us, but let´s not forget about how harsh it can also be for the environment. Here you have a few tips on how to make your holidays more sustainable:

1. Go for a synthetic tree or recycle the natural one: While there are pros and cons to both, we recommend choosing what you prefer in a conscious way. If you correctly store an artificial tree, it can last up to a decade! (Yes, a full decade!) If you opt for a natural tree, just make sure you dispose of it correctly by googling tree recycling programs in your area. There are recycling options all across the country!

2. Opt for energy saving LED lights: Lighting is a must to get into the Christmas feeling, but they can be really energy consuming. Luckily, there’s plenty of options for energy saving lights, plus you´ll save some bucks on your energy bill.

3. Take an opportunity to do some winter cleaning and donate all the clothes and other items you don’t use anymore. It´s the perfect season to give back, so make someone in need feel happy and warm. You´ll feel lighter and start the 2021 on a good note.

4. Reuse your gift wrapping and bags: Exchanging gifts is one of the most exciting traditions of the season, but it generates a lot of waste. You can make a significant change by reusing the wrapping or properly recycling it.

5. Thrift some of your holiday decor: Before shopping for new decorations, check out your local thrift stores for lightly used items. You’ll save money and many thrift stores give back to their communities.

PRO Tip: Have fun with your kids creating some homemade decorations!

6. Buy sustainable food: Opting for sustainable food can significantly reduce the overall impact of all the big dinners during this month. Responsibly sourced options like NETUNO’s Lobster, Octopus or Branzino make great gourmet dishes while remaining conscious with the environment.